Cycle 3 Period

December 2021--June 2022


European Chamber Members Only


About Cross-industry Mentor Initiative

Programme overview

This Cross-industry Mentor Initiative Cycle 3 will partner mid- to senior-level managers in China with C-suite leaders of European business in China, who helped to impart the additional skills and knowledge required for them take the next step in their careers, from senior management to board-level positions. This is a part-time course lasting approximately 6 months from December 2021 to June 2022.

Some organisations have similar internal employee development programmes but it is anchored there in an existing employee/employer relationship. The Chamber’s cross-company and industry initiative will remove these barriers and provide an unrestricted, impartial learning environment to facilitate personal growth for mentees while providing a fresh perspective to mentors.

Same as the first two cycles, the third cycle of the CIMI focused on improving female representation at senior management and board level in China. We have chosen this as the focal point for the programme due to the lack of gender diversity among top leadership within the Chamber’s member companies. We believe this initiative can make an instant impact for those future female leaders involved whilst providing a platform for future diversity and inclusion and leadership development programmes.


What will the programme involve?

The application is from October to mid-November 2021. Following the selection process in November 2021, each mentee will be paired one-on-one with a leading business figure from the European business community in China who will provide guidance and support, with at least five full hours dedicated to mentee development over the course of the six-month programme. This is a minimum requirement agreed by all of the mentors, and we expect more time committed in cases where there is a good mentor-mentee fit.

In addition, a number of external, tailored workshops will be provided which will help mentees develop leadership skills, share the leadership development experience and expand network.

  • Exclusive breakfast session for mentors and mentees
  • Leadership Dialogue
  • Advocacy Workshop
  • Networking Event


Programme Fees for Mentees (exclude travel cost)

Advisory Council members: CNY2,000 per person

Non – Advisory Council members: CNY8,000 per person


Joerg Wuttke

Vice President and Chief Representative of BASF China, President of European Chamber

Bettina Schoen

Regional Representative Asia, Freudenberg, VICE PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN CHAMBER

Bruno Weill

Chief Group Representative of BNP Paribas China, VICE PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN CHAMBER

Renata Pavlov

Chairman, Fincantieri China, STATE REP. OF EUROPEAN CHAMBER

Anna Pawlak-Kuliga

CEO and President IKEA China, Chief Sustainability Officer, BOARD MEMBER OF EUROPEAN CHAMBER

Jens Eskelund


Allan Gabor

President, Merck China Managing Director, Merck Electronics China, BOARD MEMBER OF EUROPEAN CHAMBER SHANGHAI CHAPTER

Holly Lei


Christine Zhou

SVP & President of Region China Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Michael Chang

Executive Vice President, Nokia Greater China

Ouyang Bo

CFO Siemens Greater China; Director of the Board of Directors, Senior Executive VP and CFO Siemens China

Ma Jun

President, Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd., SVP, Volvo Group

Denis Depoux

Global Managing Director, Managing Director Greater China, Head of Asia, Roland Berger

William Zhao

Chairman of Total (China) Investment Co., Ltd.; Total China Country Chair

Thilo Zimmermann

General Manager of SEB Shanghai Branch

Elisabeth Staudinger

President Asia-Pacific, Siemens Healthineers

Felix Gutsche

Global Senior Vice President of Boehringer Ingelheim; President and CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim Greater China

How to Apply

Applicants must be:

  • female;
  • aged 30–45;
  • an employee of a European Chamber member company; and
  • mid- to senior-level management looking to step up to director, vice president, business unit head or equivalent.


To apply, please submit the following information and responses to the below questions via e-mail before 15th November to Nina Jiang

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A summary of your current job function (200 words or less)
  • What are your medium-term career aspirations and how can mentoring help to get you there? (350 words or less)
  • What do you have to offer a prospective mentor? (350 words or less)
  • Any other information you may wish to share (200 words or less)
  • Your location and if you can travel to meet the mentor for the initial meeting.

Activities / Making A Difference: The European Chamber Mentorship Approach

Leadership Dialogue: The Power to Create, Nurture and Transform

The European Chamber is honored to invite you to attend the Leadership Dialogue and the wrap-up event for the second cycle of Cross-industry Mentor Initiative (CIMI) on 15th October 2021 in Beijing. At this event, we will invite Eva Valle Lagares, Minister Counsellor and Head of Trade at the European Delegation to China and Jialei Lin, Program Manager of UN Women in China as the keynote speakers and the C-suite mentors Joerg WuttkeJens EskelundMichael Chang and Ouyang Bo for the second cycle of CIMI to share their views on how to nurture and transform the female empowerment in the European Community and what a difference both mentors and mentees can make.

[Onsite and Online] Women In TECH: Women Support Women

It has often been demonstrated that a diverse team with multiple female leaders can be more efficient and productive. The European Chamber has observed that growing numbers of female leaders from our member companies are willing to speak up and make themselves heard. The more women there are in leadership positions, the more they can do for other women.

The European Chamber provides a leadership development platform through the Cross-Industry Mentor Initiative (CIMI) and encourages potential future female leaders to step up to the C-suite level. As part of the CIMI, we will organise a series of activities and invite speakers from different sectors to tell their stories and share their experiences in leadership.

On 31st August, we are delighted to host a seminar highlighting the careers and experiences of three female leaders in technology sectors to inspire young professionals in our community.

[Onsite] Female Empowerment Chatroom: Self-Confidence and Managing-Up

The European Chamber is delighted to invite you to attend the Female Empowerment Chatroom and newly launched “Unleash Today” book presentation on Tuesday, 25th May, 2021, 15:30 to 17:00 hosted in the Chamber Beijing Office with the focused topics on Self-Confidence and Managing-Up. It’s our honor to invite two mentors Charlotte Roule and Michael Chang, one mentee Tong Wang from European Chamber Cross-industry Mentor Initiative and one guest speaker Sarah Wagner to share their views in this context.

2021 Exclusive Breakfast Seminars for Mentors and Mentees from the CIMI Cycle 2

The European Chamber hosted exclusive breakfast seminars for mentors and mentees from the CIMI cycle 2 – in Beijing on 31st March and in Shanghai on 16th April. These gatherings were moderated by Charlotte Roule, vice president of the European Chamber and CEO of ENGIE China.

During the breakfast seminars, mentors and mentees discussed the stereotypes surrounding female leadership and the ‘leaky pipeline’ phenomenon affecting the number of females reaching middle and executive level leadership roles. Attendees shared observations on how gender diversity can contribute to improving efficiency and encouraging innovation. They also discussed their perceptions of the advantages provided by the European Chamber CIMI programme – the unique access to the C-suite level leaders for mentees and the channel it provides for mentors to self-reflect and learn how the younger generation thinks.

Kick-off Webinars for the Second Cycle of CIMI

On 17th December 2020, Laurie O’Donnell, Managing Director of Cornerstone International Group conducted the mentoring induction webinars for mentors and mentees separately. In the webinars, Laurie shared her views on the difference between coaching and mentoring, what skills were essential in mentoring and how to manage the mentoring sessions.

Insights from C-suite Mentors: The Road Towards a C-Suite Position

On 25th September 2020, mentors from the initial cycle of the mentoring programme Charlotte Roule, CEO of ENGIE China, Vice President of European Chamber and Denis Depoux, Global Managing Director, Managing Director Greater China, Head of Asia of Roland Berger shared their views on the importance of the women’s representation in leadership teams and how the CIMI can facilitate the female leadership development. 

To review the webinar recording, please click here.

Mentorship Showcase –Increase Local Visibility with Global Perspective

On 18th September 2020, Joerg Wuttke, Vice President and Chief Representative of BASF China, President of European Chamber who is one of the mentors for the Cross-industry Mentor Initiative and his mentee Gloria Zhou, Head of Strategy and Business Portfolio at BP China shared what they have learned and achieved from the mentorship cycle 1 and discuss the difference between CIMI and other in-house mentoring programmes, especially how to integrate the global thinking into the local acts through the mentoring sessions when dealing with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To review the podcast recording, please click here.

The Impact of Mentoring – How to set yourself up for success and build your confidence and leadership skills

On 31st August 2020, Charlotte Roule (CEO of ENGIE China, Vice President of European Chamber) and Rachel Morarjee (Director of the Economist Corporate Network, former board member of European Chamber) spoke about the values of CIMI and how this programme can facilitate the female leadership development in the European Chamber community. 

To review the webinar recording, please click here.

Feedback from Mentees

The opportunities to be mentored by the executive of the European company is very rare.  Make sure you take advantage of this great personal development opportunity.  More importantly, please take the time to think, plan and develop yourself, regardless what you would like to pursue in your life.  Look for role models, mentors, and assistance and always remember that asking for help is a sign of strength not a sign of weakness.

It’s my privilege to join the EUCCC mentorship program and have Charlotte as my mentor, and it is truly rewarding though disrupted by COVID-19. Charlotte is a patient listener and good at motivating people with providing constructive recommendation, and I’m so impressed by her commitment to the work and the team, and the way she inspires the innovation and people. The mentorship program helps me to validate my view and behavior and build confidence. The program also provides me the chance to network with the talents from other industries to share ideas, knowledge and challenges. I would recommend the program to future talents, as the program provides great opportunity of practicing communication skills with executives and learn from their experience to accelerate personal development.

I would like to thank for the mentorship program offered by European chamber, it provided me the direct talk opportunity with the executive level leaders. I learned a lot their personal success experience, the tips to improve the efficiency and the suggestions regarding how to deal with the difficult situations. It also created a nice social environment to know more excellent female leaders. Thanks for European chamber, I sincerely hope more and more female leaders can benefit and contribute into this community, Gifts of roses, hand there are lingering fragrance.